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This land is a constant source of inspiration. It has been in our family since 1889, and through generations we have built a community of honest hard working individuals that cherish their privileged connection to nature. From sunrise to sundown we consider ourselves very lucky to harvest the land while witnessing small and big wonders our landscape has to offer. We believe that through our work we can serve as example of how you can do business while nurturing the earth, promoting health, investing in conservation and respecting the value of every man's work.

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the greatest wealth is health


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We have planted thousands of bird friendly trees in our plantations.

We preserve hundreds of water sources and keep water free of contamination.

Our cultivation grounds are enriched and not degrated.

We promote education with surrounding communities the conservation of the rainforest and wildlife.

Part of our profits are destined for the well keeping and protection of the forest.

Our private reserve is visited by locals, tourists and students that find inspiration in nature.

Our products offer the consumer excellent quality healthy food.

We provide chemical free, cleanad safe working enviroment

We employ and shelter marginalized indigenous nomad communities

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Conservation of our own private reserve

Water Source Protection

Recycling and Reuse of Waste

Production of Clean Energy Sources


Surrounding Communities

Clients / Consumers

Handcrafted Products

Internationally Certified

Under Highest Quality Standards

100% Natural